THE SPARK WITHIN The Atul Bhatara story (documentary) In a ceaseless effort to realize his dreams, while confronting the ordeal of his physical shortcomings from birth, a charismatic man’s ongoing day to day journey has motivated him to acknowledge his impediment as a God-sent source of life lessons, which have empowered his spirit with the will to live with ever-burning love, faith and inspiration, gradually transforming him into whom he is destined to become. Atul Bhatara’s inspiring story is included as a chapter in the newly-published book, “Ignite the Hunger in You: How to Develop Your Greatness and Ignite Humanity”, by the number one motivational speaker on the planet, Les Brown, and the number one publisher in empowerment publishing, JB Owen, who have come together with 35 phenomenal authors to bring a book filled with inspiration, encouragement, and transformation.

“It’s not about where you begin, but who you become. Don’t let your circumstances define you.” Atul Bhatara

Produced by: Raaj Rahhi – World Cinema Partners

Filmed & Directed by: Zafeiris Haitidis

Trailer edited by: Alex Agisilaou

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