Zafeiris Haitidis


Zafeiris Haitidis is a British-Greek director, filmmaker, producer, writer and photographer with 28+ years in the Media & Entertainment industry, and experience in film, documentary, TV and theatre. He holds a B.Sc. in “Broadcasting and Film” from Boston University, and is a U.S. O-1 Visa beneficiary for “Extraordinary Ability / Achievement as a director,” verified by Directors Guild of America, and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

His body of work as a director includes: innovative (multimedia) theatre performances; fashion, dance and music videos; TV cultural shows and educational programs; web-series and documentaries; as well as award-winning short films, which have officially participated in many international film festivals (Los Angeles, Cannes, Paris, Montpellier, London, Munich, Rome, Moscow) and have been screened theatrically.

As director-cinematographer, his collaborations include, among others, media and entertainment companies such as Netflix, National Geographic Studios, BBC, Arte, National Film Board of Canada and VICE Greece.

His extensive interactive web-documentary, Greek Chronicle Project: Footage Archive (2.000+ videos and 50+ hours), chronicles the fiery Greek socioeconomic crisis and the Refugee crisis. Archive footage has been broadcast and incorporated in international feature films and documentaries.

In July 2022, he became Co-Founder and CEO of the Hellenic cultural production company, AnthroPhos, production-branch of the Hellenic American Project (HAP), whose mission is to preserve and promote Hellenism and its cultural legacy, globally, by creating original content of international appeal.

Currently, he is in development of several projects, including his debut feature film, a World War II-inspired survival adventure and psychological thriller.

Zafeiris’ goal is to produce vital audiovisual works, with a fascinating approach, aimed to entertain and cultivate international audiences.


2022    My People (documentary) Producer / Director of photography

2017    Maniera Greca (short film) Director of photography

2016    Refugee (political music video) Director / Cinematographer / Stock footage

2016    NO/WAY OUT (feature film demo) Director / Producer Writer

2016    Metalmark (performance art video) Director / Cinematographer

2016    Breaking Free (music video) Director / Cinematographer / Stock footage

2016    Smile (music video) Director / Cinematographer

2016    Vice Greekology (documentary web series – 1 episode) Director / Cinematographer

2016    Vice Meets (documentary web series – 4 episodes) Director / Cinematographer

2016    Vice Metropolitans (documentary web series – 12 episodes) Director / Cinematographer

2015    Talk Of The Town (TV show – 5 episodes) Director / Cinematographer

2015    Paolo’s Dream (documentary) Director of photography

2015    Art Of Theatre (backstage documentary) Director / Cinematographer

2014    Promakhos (feature film) Second Unit Director / Cinematographer / Stock footage

2014    Trip Of The Chef (web show – 2 episodes) Co-Creator / Director / Cinematographer

2013    9+1 Muses (cultural TV show – 15 hourly episodes) Director

2012    Greek Chronicle Project 2012 (documentary series – 10 videos) Director / Cinematographer

2012    Mousiki Mastoura (music video) Director / Cinematographer

2011    Red Zone (documentary) Director Writer

2010    Web Odyssey (educational TV program – 5 episodes) Director

2009    Stories Without Ending (educational TV program – 5 episodes) Director

2009    S For Sugah (music video) Director / Cinematographer

2009    Beatbox Project (documentary) Director / Cinematographer

2009    Scetchophrenia: Frame By Frame (documentary Pilot) Director

2009    West Of Eden (short film) Director / Co-Producer / Writer

2007    Eternal Kiparissia (documentary) Director

2006    Time Out (short film) Director / CoProducer / Writer

2002    Panic Room (short film) Director / Producer / Writer