Zafeiris Haitidis

Zafeiris Haitidis is a British-Greek director, filmmaker, producer, writer and photographer with 28+ years in the Media & Entertainment industry, and experience in film, documentary, TV and theatre. He holds a B.Sc. in “Broadcasting and Film” from Boston University, and is a U.S. O-1 Visa beneficiary for “Extraordinary Ability / Achievement” as a director, verified by Directors Guild of America, and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. His body of work as a director includes: innovative (multimedia) theatre performances; fashion, dance and music videos; TV cultural shows and educational programs; web-series and documentaries; as well as award-winning short films, which have officially participated in many international film festivals and have been screened theatrically. As director-cinematographer, his collaborations include media companies such as Netflix, National Geographic Studios, BBC, Arte, National Film Board of Canada and VICE Greece. His extensive interactive web-documentary, “Greek Chronicle Project: Footage Archive”, chronicles the fiery Greek socioeconomic crisis and the Refugee crisis. Currently, he is in development of his debut feature film. In July 2022, he became CEO & Co-Founder of the Hellenic Cultural Production Company, anthroPhos, whose mission is to preserve and promote Hellenism globally. Zafeiris’ goal is to produce vital audiovisual works, with a fascinating approach, aimed to entertain and cultivate international audiences.

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