Clara’s Garden – The documentary

6-year old Clara’s courageous battle and loss to brain cancer was a “seed” of inspiration and unity, and a source of guiding light, for a local street art curator and 75 street artists who dedicated a mural project in her honor at the school she attended. The STEAM Mural Project at PS9 gave hope to Clara’s family, school and community; it became one of the largest collections of mural street art in New York; and it blossomed into a mural movement that spread to more schools and communities. The motivational messages of triumph of the human spirit and of the positive power of art will be experienced through the emotional journey of Clara’s Garden – The documentary.

Filmed & Directed by Zafeiris Haitidis

Curated & Produced by Jeff Beler

Music by Christos Triantafyllou

Full Demo video: